About Me

Somewhere in between kicking trollers off chat sites and playing on competitive video game teams as a teenager, my love for technology was born. The first programming language I studied was PHP. It was after I learned how to make content dynamically that things got interesting. It opened my mind to understanding how a website works full stack.

My next step was studying Information Systems, where I learned the difference between being a programmer and a software architect. Becoming a software architect allowed me to focus on increasing the internal quality of code. After that my career began to unfold organically. I continued studying varies program languages while working as a developer and team leader with different companies including the Court of Justice in Brasil, and Indra. During this time I cofounded a software company called Sook, that developed unique systems for client and business interaction.

Since 2012 my focus has turned solely to mobile development. I currently own a coding house, Sook Apps, that develops mobile apps and mobile software. We build our projects natively for iPhone/iPad and Android, our apps are in users hands all over the world. Beyond programming my career has allowed me to write, teach, and speak at various academic events. My favorite moments are when I see the success of a former student, some who I end up collaborating with.

Open source

These are the two open source projects that I have created and are maintaining with some other collaborators. Basically, they are a result of refactoring on projects that I have worked on. It helps programmers with those common functionalities needed daily in most projects.


It is an open source project for iOS platform, written in Objective-C. There are utility categories for NSDate, NSException, NSString, UIAlertView, UIButton and so on. It also has class helper to execute blocks based on your current version of iOS. Check it out!


It is an open source project for Android platform, written in Java. This project is integrated with RoboGuice, providing some abstraction for methods like: startActivity; overridePendingTransition and startService; There is also view components to deal with type of fonts, dialog builders, auto resize text view and create image as a circle. You can also find utility classes for currency, date and number format. There is string validation and Logcat. Check it out!


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